Slot Machine History

History of slot machines terrestrial

The slot machine game unlike other casino games for which you do not know the exact chronological time of their conception, can be traced to both a temporally precise date that a creator. This is an American named Charles Fey, who in 1895 made known its first prototype, which consisted of a very simple system, with 3-cylinder on which were imprinted in all 20 symbols. The moment was not particularly conducive to the spread of this particular game, which had to wait nearly a decade before becoming very popular and as well as its popularity grew, too much contrast. The game of success were mainly due to an enlightened agreement that Charles Fey did with the Mills Novelty Company that led to the birth of the first version of the real “slot machine”, made from the famous Liberty Bell. From this moment on, the popularity of the game of slot machines exploded, despite the many obstacles that were encountered on a path or even harder to Prohibition in America. Soon the United States is also claimed success in Europe.

The natural evolution of the terrestrial slots: slot machines online

With the progress of technological innovations in all the various fields of everyday life, and also slot machines have begun to use them. for which we have gone from mechanical slot machines to electronic slot machines which ensured greater brilliance of color and sound, and greater fluidity of the game. The natural evolution could not, however, end with the slot machines online, where the integration of all audio and visual elements is maximized and made practically perfect. Access to online slot machines has made the game more convenient, accessible and safe, and in addition has allowed the emergence and spread of new types of slots, such as those which enjoy stunning animations, or access to bonus games up a few years ago impossible to achieve. The entry of online slot machines in casinos Legal has finally consecrated the leading role in the preferences among all casino games available.

The reasons for the popularity of slot machines

The turning point of this game is the extreme simplicity which characterizes the understanding and the game itself. to play a slot machine like Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold, a player does not have to learn about strategies and game rules, and does not even create their own style of play. Just go back to your own preferences, decide how much you want to play, and already you are ready to have fun with no hassle or pressure: there are no opponents to play against, but you play with a machine that sometimes give some great satisfaction and other volt instead postpone to another occasion luckiest assignment of a beautiful winning combination. a game suitable for all types of players, fans and not about this or other games.

The strengths of online slot machines

All the advantages that accompany the terrestrial slot machines are repeated in the online slot machine, with the added benefit of discretion and comfort of your own home. These two reasons alone may not be enough to justify the reasons why online slots slot machines have replaced the bar, but if you add the highest Jackpot progressive or fixed, and the payout percentages much higher, not to mention the choice between versions and models distinctly broader and the ability to take advantage of rich bonuses, motivation becomes more than obvious.

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