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Interested in finding out if there are Rainbow Riches cheats to use? Unfortunately, there are none so don’t waste your time looking. As with many online games, there are no cheats for the Rainbow Riches slots game even if you’ve heard otherwise. Sure, some people claim they’ve won by using Rainbow Riches cheat methods, but those people are just bragging as there are no magic cheats to winning a huge amount of money. There are however, a few handy tips to follow which can help you become a winner while playing Rainbow Riches either off-line or on.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Rainbow Riches

Follow some basic tips and tricks when playing the Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold. By following these tips when playing Rainbow Riches, you may end up being a winner more frequently. Firstly, instead of going for gold so to speak, take it easy and bet low like ten or twenty pence per spin, at least in the beginning until you get warmed up. By playing this way you’ll slowly get accustomed to the game. Plus, if you don’t get a bonus after a few rounds betting low, a bonus is more likely to show up later on when you do raise your stake. Follow your gut instinct and raise your bet when you feel a big win coming your way. Who knows? You might strike it rich on Pots of Gold!

The next piece of advice is to play Rainbow Riches online instead of at a brick and mortar casino. If you wonder why it’s because playing Rainbow riches on the internet gives you a better pay out percentage as well as a better bonus frequency.

Grab More Cash for Playing Rainbow Riches!

A good argument for playing this slots game on the web (and a great tip too) is that you get impressive bonus amounts from web-based casinos if you are a new player. Some even give you free, cold hard cash without making you deposit a thing including Sky Vegas web casino. What you would rather do? Visit your favourite bookmaker shop and get £100 for your £100 or play online and get £200 for your £100? It’s a no-brainer, right? Currently, Sky Vegas Online Casino is offering the most attractive offers to new players. To start, a new player receives £10 of free money and then they get a 100% bonus for making a first-time deposit worth up to £1000. New players can deposit up to £1000 and be matched by Sky Vegas with a free £1000 which is very impressive to say the least. Look at it this way, you can either go down to your local bookies and get £100 for your £100 or you can play online and get £200 for your £100. Again, Sky Vegas has the best offers at the moment. First up you get £10 free, no deposit required , secondly you get a 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit worth up to £1000. So the maximum bonus you deposit £1000 and Sky matches It with a free £1000.

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