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Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Is One Of The Top Uk Games Online. Here At Rainbow Riches We Offer The Lastest Casino Reviews, Slot Machine Bonuses Information About Live Casino Games And Slot Machine Releases

Rainbow Riches is one of the best and most popular slots around and here we explain more about what Rainbow Riches actually is (for total beginners), which online casinos offer it and what bonuses they offer, and we also offer some tips and advice on how to play Rainbow Riches – and how to win when you do!

Have you ever wondered as a slots player, if I should have a slots strategy? It may seem a strange question even to those of us who are avid fans of Rainbow Riches and play on a regular basis. We have studied a few of the Rainbow Riches Slot Machine operators, in the hope of gleaning a few hints tips tricks and cheats along the way.

We have noted a few key points from our findings, things that may seem blatantly obvious to some are simply brand new to others. If you have a few minutes to glance through some of our findings you may well save yourself a few pennies or make even more.

As with most modern slots, wins require three matching symbols with a variety of further win options including wilds, features and bonuses. Your wins are automatically calculated and added to your balance so all you really need to do is spin the reels (although you can use auto play if you want!) and cross your fingers. Below we highlight the Rainbow Riches bonuses and features you should be especially hoping for to land the really big wins.

WILD is wild for all symbols except ROAD TO RICHES, WISHING WELL, and POTS OF GOLD

Only highest winner paid per winning combination

Paytable reflects current bet configuration.

Line pays must occur on adjacent reels, beginning with the leftmost reel.

POTS OF GOLD only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Road To Riches Feature

3 or more scattered ROAD TO RICHES trigger the Road To Riches Feature.

Press SPIN button to spin the wheel and decide the number of steps up the cash path.

Wheel stops at any one of the following 7 positions – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, COLLECT.

No win is received if the player lands on COLLECT on the first spin.

Continue spinning and progressing until the wheel lands on a collect position or the top prize is reached.

The total prize will be the final position achieved multiplied by the total bet.

During the Road To Riches Feature the bet per line and the number of active paylines remains the same as the spin that triggered the Feature.

Road To Riches Awards: 1x – 500x the total bet.

Wishing Well Feature<

3 or more scattered WISHING WELL trigger the Wishing Well Feature.

Select a wishing well by clicking on it.

The player will be awarded the value indicated on the selected well multiplied by the total bet

During the Wishing Well Feature the bet per line and the number of active paylines remains the same as the spin that triggered the Feature.

Wishing Well Awards: 2x – 500x the total bet.

Pots of Gold Feature

3 scattered POTS OF GOLD trigger the Pots of Gold Feature.

Gold, silver, and bronze pots spin around the screen.

When they come to a halt, the arrow will point to one pot.

The value of the selected pot is multiplied by the total bet.

During the Pots of Gold Feature the bet per line and the number of active paylines remains the same as the spin that triggered the Feature.

Pots of Gold Awards:50x – 500x the total bet.


Wins on multiple paylines are added together.

Total line bet must be divided equally between each active payline; therefore, all total bet amounts are not available.

The total bet is the number of lines multiplied by the cash bet on each line.

Only active paylines can register wins.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Rainbow Riches Tips And Tricks

Interested in finding out if there are Rainbow Riches cheats to use? Unfortunately, there are none so don’t waste your time looking. As with many online games, there are no cheats for the Rainbow Riches slots game even if you’ve heard otherwise. Sure, some people claim they’ve won by using Rainbow Riches cheat methods, but those people are just bragging as there are no magic cheats to winning a huge amount of money. There are however, a few handy tips to follow which can help you become a winner while playing Rainbow Riches either off-line or on.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Rainbow Riches

Follow some basic tips and tricks when playing the Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold. By following these tips when playing Rainbow Riches, you may end up being a winner more frequently. Firstly, instead of going for gold so to speak, take it easy and bet low like ten or twenty pence per spin, at least in the beginning until you get warmed up. By playing this way you’ll slowly get accustomed to the game. Plus, if you don’t get a bonus after a few rounds betting low, a bonus is more likely to show up later on when you do raise your stake. Follow your gut instinct and raise your bet when you feel a big win coming your way. Who knows? You might strike it rich on Pots of Gold!

The next piece of advice is to play Rainbow Riches online instead of at a brick and mortar casino. If you wonder why it’s because playing Rainbow riches on the internet gives you a better pay out percentage as well as a better bonus frequency.

Grab More Cash for Playing Rainbow Riches!

A good argument for playing this slots game on the web (and a great tip too) is that you get impressive bonus amounts from web-based casinos if you are a new player. Some even give you free, cold hard cash without making you deposit a thing including Sky Vegas web casino. What you would rather do? Visit your favourite bookmaker shop and get £100 for your £100 or play online and get £200 for your £100? It’s a no-brainer, right? Currently, Sky Vegas Online Casino is offering the most attractive offers to new players. To start, a new player receives £10 of free money and then they get a 100% bonus for making a first-time deposit worth up to £1000. New players can deposit up to £1000 and be matched by Sky Vegas with a free £1000 which is very impressive to say the least. Look at it this way, you can either go down to your local bookies and get £100 for your £100 or you can play online and get £200 for your £100. Again, Sky Vegas has the best offers at the moment. First up you get £10 free, no deposit required , secondly you get a 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit worth up to £1000. So the maximum bonus you deposit £1000 and Sky matches It with a free £1000.

The popularity that they would reach the games slot machines such as Rainbow Riches

had not been foreseen even in the most optimistic expectations of their inventor, Charles Fey, especially after the cold reception to which they were subjected in the beginning, including the first prototype available: the Liberty Bell. However the characteristics that accompany the execution, with simplicity and immediacy, have allowed the slot machines to overcome in preferences games that up to that time had also represented the possibility to achieve a particular social status, such as the roulette and the Blackjack, which for much of their history, which went through whole centuries, have been the preserve of the middle classes high. Slot machines instead have from the beginning had a character mainly popular, a popularity that has boomed thanks to the success of online casinos.

Because slot machines are the most popular casino game

The slot machine games like Rainbow Riches slots are the “youngest” among all casino games most searched, precisely because they have established themselves in a time when the development of the techniques of mechanics allowed them to realization. It can be argued that it is therefore also the most innovative game, from a technological point of view, so with the advent of electronics and then with the development of various languages ​​and software for PC, could only meet once again at the the center of the innovation process. But this appearance is only a corollary, in fact, the enormous spread that slot machines have had, first in the chambers of the various land-based casino, then in the salt land entirely dedicated only to their game, and then establish itself with all its potential thanks the development of online slot machines within the virtual casino. A game that has as its strength the simplicity and immediacy of access to the game (you do not need to know or have special rules specific skills), the speed of execution, the fun centered on the variety of choice but without sacrificing the relaxation of repetition, not to neglect the high payouts, could only come up with the development and affirmation of the online casino’s own affirmation more solid and secure.

Few choices in favor of the freedom to have fun

Slot machines, especially in the early versions, such as slot bar, are known for simple execution of the game, based almost total absence of choices to make, if not with regard to the amount of the various episodes. So once you’ve decided how much to spend just push the punched or Spin Spin and play, then the fun begins. In addition to the brief moment of suspense when you have to wait for the reels stop to reveal if it has been achieved a winning combination or not, then the response is immediate. The evolution of various games slot machines has also made it a little more complex the game without ever compromising the ease, adding some bonus game which has the merit of increasing the possibility or the amount of the winnings, and to further prolong the game itself.

A Bit Of History About Slot Machines

History of slot machines terrestrial

The slot machine game unlike other casino games for which you do not know the exact chronological time of their conception, can be traced to both a temporally precise date that a creator. This is an American named Charles Fey, who in 1895 made known its first prototype, which consisted of a very simple system, with 3-cylinder on which were imprinted in all 20 symbols. The moment was not particularly conducive to the spread of this particular game, which had to wait nearly a decade before becoming very popular and as well as its popularity grew, too much contrast. The game of success were mainly due to an enlightened agreement that Charles Fey did with the Mills Novelty Company that led to the birth of the first version of the real “slot machine”, made from the famous Liberty Bell. From this moment on, the popularity of the game of slot machines exploded, despite the many obstacles that were encountered on a path or even harder to Prohibition in America. Soon the United States is also claimed success in Europe.

The natural evolution of the terrestrial slots: slot machines online

With the progress of technological innovations in all the various fields of everyday life, and also slot machines have begun to use them. for which we have gone from mechanical slot machines to electronic slot machines which ensured greater brilliance of color and sound, and greater fluidity of the game. The natural evolution could not, however, end with the slot machines online, where the integration of all audio and visual elements is maximized and made practically perfect. Access to online slot machines has made the game more convenient, accessible and safe, and in addition has allowed the emergence and spread of new types of slots, such as those which enjoy stunning animations, or access to bonus games up a few years ago impossible to achieve. The entry of online slot machines in casinos Legal has finally consecrated the leading role in the preferences among all casino games available.

The reasons for the popularity of slot machines

The turning point of this game is the extreme simplicity which characterizes the understanding and the game itself. to play a slot machine like Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold, a player does not have to learn about strategies and game rules, and does not even create their own style of play. Just go back to your own preferences, decide how much you want to play, and already you are ready to have fun with no hassle or pressure: there are no opponents to play against, but you play with a machine that sometimes give some great satisfaction and other volt instead postpone to another occasion luckiest assignment of a beautiful winning combination. a game suitable for all types of players, fans and not about this or other games.

The strengths of online slot machines

All the advantages that accompany the terrestrial slot machines are repeated in the online slot machine, with the added benefit of discretion and comfort of your own home. These two reasons alone may not be enough to justify the reasons why online slots slot machines have replaced the bar, but if you add the highest Jackpot progressive or fixed, and the payout percentages much higher, not to mention the choice between versions and models distinctly broader and the ability to take advantage of rich bonuses, motivation becomes more than obvious.

Top of Form

A Introduction How To Play Games Like Rainbow Riches

With online slot machines you can choose from many different versions

The slot machine bar are those that have remained more faithful to the first slot machine, the Liberty Bell, marked with the essential features of the game is running, which in the presence of symbols and winning combinations. But within a short time, the attention of the players has prompted designers and manufacturers of slot machines to create more and more new and innovative versions, up to the slot machine with 5 reels and many paylines, with animations, 3D or related to issues that are particularly significant for a generation or a particular target audiences (such as the Marvel slot machines). All this has helped to increase the possibility of choosing which one player. But this freedom can be complete only for those who choose to play slots online, where just a few clicks to switch from one version to another, and where you can even try some versions playing the slot machine for free.

Winnings high thanks to the progressive jackpots and bonus games

The slot machines are able to ensure the best combination of fun, for the various reasons set out above, and the chance to get some good winnings, which can become fabulous even if you manage to hit the progressive jackpot that some versions are related. In fact, for each bet a small percentage of the bet is set aside to form the jackpot, and the fact that with online slot machines this is done for millions of bets per hour, because the link is worldwide, it’s easy to understand how quickly you will come to make a prize pool very high. In addition the slot machine jackpot in any case provide maximum payouts linked to very generous, which are further increased by the presence of the bonus games. These can be put up for grabs multipliers, free spins, but above all that extra winnings will be added to the combination that allowed access to the bonus game itself. And all this must be added that it is the slot machines with bonus games those involving a higher number of winning combinations (or so they raise the payout percentages of the possibility of obtaining winning combinations).

The symbols or special bonuses as a wildcard, Scatter and Wild

Most of the slot machines such as Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold requires the presence of symbols to which they are attached special functions such as the Bonus symbols or Joker, Wild symbols (which can also be expandable) and Scatter symbols. Their presence allows to obtain specific results as: increase your chances of getting free spins, bonus games opening, activation of multipliers, etc.. But above all, greatly increase the number of winning combinations. Their identification is very simple: just go to the section of the information or the pay table, where they contain all relevant information about it.

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